Guild of Perceptive Souls

The Guild of Perceptive Souls

Master your empathic, sensitive and intuitive gifts in a high-vibe community.

If you're a passionate, continuous learner seeking to connect with others tuned-in to the subtle (and not-so-subtle) energies around us, welcome!

You'll find we're a little different than most personal learning environments. 

This is a place to strengthen your mastery, while learning from others who hold mastery in different areas. A safe container to expand your empathic, sensitive and intuitive gifts.

The Guild is not a social media site, although we have an amazing forum to share our learning with each other. The Guild is not an online course, although we do provide articles, handouts, videos and other resources to spark inspiration. 

The Guild is an immersive learning laboratory inside a community, where we teach empaths, HSPs and intuitives how to 'speak' the language of energy.

Our learning model is based on Eight Life Energies for Perceptive Souls.

What are the Eight Life Energies?

Inside the Guild, you learn how to master this multi-dimensional, personal growth model. In the center is your Divine spark, Higher Self, the light within, that which is your core eternal essence. It's always there, always shining, continuously connected with Source.

Surrounding your light is a rotational spiral representing time and space, because throughout your life, similar energy patterns show up over and over. 

I know, right? 

You could either get really frustrated by having to address that pesky relationship pattern AGAIN or you could view the repeating energies as opportunities for your greatest growth.

Perhaps something happened early in your life with a family member, then later, other people show up as an opportunity for you to explore that pattern again. Each time it comes around, you deepen your understanding and lessen the triggering effects; until eventually you're able to simply be a compassionate and unattached observer. 

Sometimes, one energy is the strongest. However, most of the time, you'll be expressing more than one life energy. For example, you could be healing your body, reframing a relationship with a family member and expanding your intuition, all at the same time.

Personal growth for a perceptive soul is not linear, but instead multi-layered and nuanced.

Each of the life energies surrounding the spiral can be expressed in a lower vibration or in its highest, positive form - you choose. For example, the energy of Seclude could find you isolated and putting up walls to avoid other people's energy. Or instead, you could be making conscious choices about how much time to be out in the world and when you need to be alone, to recharge with just your own energy. 

Lower vibrational energy holds you in a fear-based mentality, while higher vibrational energy lifts you up to express your personal power.

The life energies we focus on in the Guild are:

A daily practice to be in just your own energy, the process of going within.

Wonder, curiosity and discovery open you to the greater potential.

Look back with fresh eyes to bring new insights forward.

Come into congruence emotionally, physically, financially, mentally and spiritually.

Align with others and our world through healthy, loving and reciprocal energy.

Translate your inner knowing into actions in your outer world.

Release old patterns and open yourself to infinite possibilities.

Apply your perceptive gifts to make a difference in your corner of our planet.

The Guild helps you recognize which of the energies are arising as your unique life spiral turns and how to master the highest expression of each. 

How our immersive learning model works:

If you've ever sat in a classroom, workshop or taken an online course and thought, most of this is not relevant to me - you're not alone. Most childhood and adult education is centered around the memorization of facts or concepts. 

The Guild is focused on how the mastery of your empathic and intuitive gifts can improve your life and the lives of those around you. 

Most perceptive souls learn differently. By our nature, we tend to navigate life through an interconnected web of synchronicities. 

You might receive a vision, then hear the same phrase as you listen to a song on the radio and later that day, a friend brings up that exact concept. 'Wow! There must be something here for me to pay attention to.'

When you recognize everything in life is talking to you, messages become clear. As you open to your intuitive guidance, you invite knowledge to show up at the right time.


On the new moon each month, every member of the Guild reflects on which of the eight energies holds the most power in your life. You access the tools in our Topics Library as inspiration and new tools and practices are added to the library every week to keep things fresh. We invite you to become super observant of how people and situations enter your life over the month to help you master this particular energy.

Let's say for example, you pick Connect. Try the tools out in the world, then come back to the community regularly to share what you are learning. Interact with others who are also exploring the energy of Connect; growing together. 

Each of our Soul Guides (experienced coaches and teachers) also choose an energy every month. We are experiencing it deeply in our own lives while sharing tools, insights, answering questions and supporting your journey.

Everything in the Guild focuses on your mastery of the Eight Life Energies. 

A healthy, co-supportive community

Learning never happens in a vacuum, we need each other to grow and expand. There are no 'gurus' in our community, everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher. 

We believe everyone you meet, is calling you forth into your highest expression.

The Guild invites you into meaningful connection and learning with other perceptive souls from across the globe, celebrating our similarities and honoring all aspects of diversity. Develop friendships with others who totally get your vibe. 

This is a safe place to be who you really are - full out.

Clairvoyance? Let me share how that shows up for me, what's it like for you? 

Memories of past lives? Here's what I know so far about my former personas.

Looking for an accountability partner around daily self-care? Find one here.

Sensing the energy of collective consciousness? You're in the right place. 

Our commitment to high-vibration

Perhaps you already belong to other empath or HSP groups and wonder, what's different about the Guild? 

Social media can be a great place to connect with like-minded souls and learn from others. However, we've also noticed sensitive and empathic people posting traumatic stories followed by hundreds jumping in to tell them what they need to do to fix it.

While we acknowledge that many of us have walked through the fire of past challenges and hurts, the Guild is a sacred space for releasing the energy of helplessness as well as our tendency to swoop in and rescue others. 

In other words, we're collectively stepping off the drama triangle.

It's not that you can't share your personal stories or be real about how you feel, in fact we encourage deep authenticity. We ask our members to practice moving beyond the drama of our stories. Instead, we encourage you to share insights as you navigate the experience, or what you realized by looking back at the past from a new perspective. 

When we understand our souls came here to learn and grow - everything changes. 

Sharing our learning, versus asking for or giving advice, is where real freedom lies.

You're welcome to share anything in the Guild, as long as you create it

While we've all been inspired by other people's ideas, quotes, teachings and wisdom, the Guild is a place to showcase your creativity and wisdom. 

You're highly encouraged to share questions, insights, memes, ideas, poems, videos, photos, writing, inventions, dance moves, badass knitting, or any other amazing content you can imagine - as long as you are the creator. 

Stepping into the energy of creation rather than consumption, brings us into a more mindful place than copy and paste, inviting your inner voice to be heard and honored. 

How to tell if the Guild is right for you?

  • You've known about being an empath, highly sensitive person, and/or intuitive for at least one year
  • You are ages 18-100+, from anywhere in the world
  • You've committed in the past to personal growth work: reading self-help books, watching videos, taking online courses, joining a spiritual community, etc. 
  • You prefer to be more self-directed in your learning with a supportive structure
  • You seek loving and reciprocal relationships with like-minded souls
  • You crave new ideas, alternative viewpoints, different ways of being and doing
  • You're looking for a different experience than social media outlets
  • You're excited about being an active contributor and creator
  • You honor the diversity of others through words, beliefs and actions
  • You agree to practice respectful, assertive and non-violent communication
  • You view everything that happens as an opportunity to learn and grow
  • You feel ready to practice and master the Eight Life Energies 

The Guild makes it easy, and affordable, to choose the personal growth tools and insight you uniquely need, at exactly the right time. 

We chose an online space that is available any time on a mobile app - search for Mighty Networks in the iOS App Store or Google Play, install and search for The Guild of Perceptive Souls. This gives you flexibility to contribute to the group and explore the resources at your own pace, when you have time to reflect and apply the principles.

Kind words from our members:

'I just read your page about the courageous journey of a perceptive soul and this is me. It can sometimes feel so overwhelming and lonely. I joined the Guild, hope to learn more about myself and thank you for what you are doing to support those like me.'

'I appreciate all the welcomes to this community! I am new to this personal discovery about my sensitivity. I am shocked and stunned at all the current changes that are going on around me just by accepting who I am. Inside the Guild, I am taking the course on thriving as a perceptive soul - it's been great so far and very instructive.'

'I love the spiral moving image of the Eight Life Energies. Reminds me of how we revisit important learnings and teachings as we travel through life and time.....revisiting things from a different level and point of view. A dance of perceptive perspectives.'

'Thank you for accepting me. What I know is that we are in a spiritual evolution, becoming a different species - one of compassion and love. It's not an easy birth, but community is definitely one of the key requirements during this phase of human development.'

What you receive inside the Guild:

  • 365/24/7 access on web & free mobile app to a global community of tuned-in perceptive souls like you - supporting each other as we grow
  • Resource Library - articles, videos, e-books and PDFs with new content added weekly
  • Course: Perceptive Souls Thriving - 10-part video course to watch when it's convenient for you
  • Monthly community newsletter - a summary of the top posts, ideas, sharing, events and connection taking place inside the Guild
  • Live and recorded events - allowing us to reach out across continents and countries around our shared interests
  • Optional 1:1 coaching - if you need support beyond what our community provides, Soul Guides offer personalized guidance in various specialty areas

Get a sneak peek inside the Guild with our free, 7-day trial. You receive full access to the community and our entire Resource Library. 

After your free trial, join for $15 a month when you commit for a year (a one time $179.99 payment).

Or, a month-to-month membership is only $17.99 and if sometime in the future, we no longer vibe, you can cancel anytime.

For those who study numerology, the number 17 represents insight, responsibility, strength, self-discipline, compassion, spiritual consciousness, wisdom and a desire for peace and love for all of humanity. Yes, let's invite that vibration to come forth!

Why you should consider joining us...

  • Meet other empathic, sensitive and intuitive people from all over the world, at all stages of their personal growth journey
  • Expand your perceptive gifts while honoring your strengths and mastery
  • Support, encourage and learn from each other
  • Gain new perspectives and consider new ideas 
  • Find inspiration and upliftment every day through our online forum and Topics Library
  • Develop a personal toolkit of strategies and practices to use every day
  • Practice sharing your creative contributions in a safe space
  • Thrive in our compassionate culture of healthy personal growth

If this sounds spot on for who you are, click the orange subscribe button at top of the page. We look forward to meeting you!

What am I going to learn in the Guild of Perceptive Souls?

That's completely up to you! The Guild isn't a course, it's a learning laboratory for empaths, sensitive people and intuitives. Flexible, self chosen learning plus community sharing and support leads you towards mastery. 

Sometimes members will discuss what holds us back— but more importantly, we focus on what works to move us forward. This is a space for perceptive souls who are ready to take action to master their gifts, to step fully into the presence of who they truly are.

How is The Guild different from a free Facebook group?

The Guild is a private, dedicated online space, free from the distractions of advertising, promotions and a zillion other stimuli pulling at your attention. We exist to support your personal growth — not create more overwhelm!

Plus, most free Facebook groups exist as marketing tools: the admin of the group provides free space as a way of more effectively marketing their products and services. We did that for a while too, but it just felt icky. The main goal of Facebook groups is marketing, not community.

Community-building isn't an afterthought for us, it's the reason the Guild exists. We're a paid community because we want to attract members who truly want to be here.

If you love community connection as much as we do, we'd love to welcome you inside!

Do I have to use the mobile app?

Nope. It's up to you. Our platform is hosted by Mighty Networks, and there is a Mighty Networks mobile app (available at both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store) which makes it easy to take the our community with you wherever you go. However, none of our content requires the mobile app to make use of it.

Our members tend to check in more often because they have access to the mobile app. Of course, you can also access the Guild on your laptop or desktop computer.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

The Guild membership is a non-refundable investment, and here’s why:

Part of the reason we can struggle as perceptive souls in what often feels like a chaotic, harsh society is because of the emotional wounds tied to our experiences. This community will, by its very nature, bring stuff up. Both fantastic, amazing, mind-blowing stuff and potentially some challenging stuff too. The Guild is a support network to help you through the peaks and valleys of personal growth.

We're creating a container so when you're ready, you have a safe space to master your gifts together with others of similar vibration. It would be irresponsible of us as Soul Guides, coaches, teachers and changemakers to offer an easy out anytime you get the tiniest bit uncomfortable.

In other words, please be sure when you click subscribe you are ready for this journey.

If there comes a time when the Guild no longer resonates, you can cancel your subscription, no questions asked.

More questions?

Reach out to tunedin{at} We will follow up promptly! 

Ready to join?

Click the orange subscribe button at the top of the page, and you're in!

Curious who created the Guild?

The founders of the Guild, we lovingly call Soul Guides, together have over hundred years' experience teaching, mentoring, coaching, writing or leading communities for sensitive and empathic people. 

We understand what you're experiencing on each step of the journey. What it's like to first awaken to your abilities, the process of integrating your sensitivity into your life and uncovering how your soul is meant to express itself out in the world.

We're walking that path too.

Our Soul Guides are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for you individually and for our community as a whole. We actively engage with our members every day and contribute new resources weekly to the Topics Library. 

Bevin Niemann 
Founder of the Guild, Leadership Mentor for Perceptive Souls,
Host, The Shift Network's Evolutionary Empath Global Summit

Terrie Horvatic
Master Teacher
Bridge and Connector for Sensitive Souls

Rob Brite
InPowered Living - Transformational Coach
Teacher and Expert on Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction

Leonore Powell
Health & Nutrition Coach
Yoga Teacher, Nurse

Doreen Fatula
Coach & Teacher for Sexual Health Educators
Writer, Storyteller, Musician, Professional Clown

Denise Dryden
Integrational Coach, Bridge Between Frequencies
Visionary who Works with the Energetically Sensitive

Maria Codina
Life & Health Coach, NLP Practitioner
Glutenology Practitioner, Creator of the PARC Method

David Lion
Social Entrepreneur, Musician and Coach
Founder of Evolving Men

Commitment to 

Conscious Entrepreneurship

We believe by helping our fellow humans move out of survival mode, everyone has the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to their communities and to our world. 

$1 of your monthly subscription is donated to non-profit organizations who demonstrate effective solutions to provide for the basic needs for all human beings: clean water, healthy food, shelter and the ecological stability of our planet. 

Donations are currently supporting Charity: Water, a not-for-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

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